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Google Display Network Can Make Your Business Powerful

Izhaan Tech  work with small, medium or large businesses, in all industries. We know how to target industry-specific audiences, address needs and plan budgets to create winning PPC campaigns.

Google Ads and Facebook Ads

We are experienced with Google Ads and Facebook Ads and can work with various businesses and budgets. Whether you need assistance once or ongoing support, we can help you make the best of your online social presence.

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    PPC Management and Conversion Tracking

    Before launching any PPC activity we ensure that we know the objectives for each and every campaign in order to deliver a low cost-per-conversion as well as positive ROI for your business. To do this we create and test goals/conversions to make sure they are tracking and reporting correctly. Once the testing phase is complete we launch and implement the campaigns.

    Social Media Advertising

    Alongside traditional online advertising, our team can also undertake social media advertising on your behalf across a number of social channels such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram


    No matter how big or small a PPC campaign is, we provided detail reports on all aspects of performance. This includes highlighting key metrics such as traffic sources, site performance (users, bounce rates etc.) conversions and e-commerce data if available.

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